Electronic Locating

Locating your sewer line is no longer a guessing game! With our electronic locating equipment, we can find even the deepest sewers without digging up your yard. Today’s technology allows us to accurately locate that elusive sewer line in a very short time, which ultimately saves you money!

Here’s How It Works:

Most older homes have sewer lines that were buried underground and forgotten about. Well, forgotten about until it backed up on Thanksgiving, that is. What could be worse than having family over and not having a working bathroom after a big dinner? Chances are, the local rooter company gets called out and a young fellow with very little experience explains that there is no clean out to access the clogged line and that he needs to climb up on the roof to run his cable down a vent. Well, we have seen occasions when that cable gets snarled around a big wad of roots and the cutter head with a 4 inch wad of roots on it can’t be pulled back through the 2 inch vent pipe it went down. Sure, your line is cleared, temporarily, but now you have to pay the guy to dig up your yard so he can try to find his cable. This situation should never happen. And with the Plumbing Doctor, it won’t. We have the technology to locate your line, install a clean out, and insure that you won’t ever have to have anyone climb onto your roof.

First, we attach an electronic transmitter onto the end of a cable and insert it into your sewer line.

Then we use our electronic locator, which leads us right to the transmitter.

When we have it located, we’ll know the exact depth and location of your sewer line. Then we can dig it up and install a clean out, run our camera, find the problem and offer a solution so you never have to worry about it again.

At Plumbing Doctor®, we have invested in the latest technology so you SAVE MONEY!