Grass Valley circa 1984


Our Service Vans

When Plumbing Doctor® was founded over 40 years ago, the founder, Mike Farias was the sole employee with only one Plumbing Doctor® van.

If you live in one of our service areas, there is no doubt you have seen our unmistakable service trucks at one time or another. You may have seen us parked on your street servicing a neighbor’s plumbing needs, or maybe you’ve seen us driving through town on our way to a job. Our trucks stand out like no other – they are outfitted specifically to serve as plumbing service vehicles.

Davis circa 1998
New vans circa 2015
Our vans are fully-stocked with all the necessary materials and equipment to take care of our customers’ needs without needing to leave the job to pick up parts or equipment. This allows us to be efficient in our work and take up less time from our customers’ busy schedules, saving them time and money! Over the years, as the company has grown, our vans and logos have gone through transitions and upgrades as well.

Our vans have been recognized in several national publications and just like our name, are federally trademarked, so we are the only plumbing company in the nation who is legally allowed to use the Plumbing Doctor® name. You know if you see one of our trucks, you’re getting the real Plumbing Doctor®.

New building in Dixon with vans and trailers circa 2005

Although we no longer use recycled ambulances, our desire to provide the best possible customer service has not changed. We strive to provide the “Feel Good Plumbing Experience” ® to all of our customers. Our fleet of vans are designed to look like real ambulances and are still fully stocked, so we don’t have to leave the job once we arrive.

Present day Plumbing Doctor®

Don’t hesitate to wave if you see one of our vans!