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How Does Trenchless Sewer Replacement Work?

If you aren’t familiar with how trenchless sewer replacements work, here is a short explanation. An insertion pit is dug at one end of the line and a retrieval pit is dug at the other end. The trenchless bursting head is inserted into the old sewer pipe. A heavy cable is pushed through the pipe from the retrieval pit. A special hydraulic ram is attached to the cable and pulls the bursting head through the old pipe. At the same time, new polyethylene pipe is pulled along with the bursting head. Every 20’ the pipe is fused together with a special fusing machine. Our system can pull up to 150’ of pipe with just two pits. The new pipe provides a continuous, seamless sewer to the point of connections. Roots can never again penetrate the line, and with only 2 connections, there are far fewer potential failure points than with any other form of sewer replacement. Contact us today for a quote.

Why Trenchless?

  • A substantial savings over traditional methods of replacing sewer lines.
  • Little or no damage to your landscaping.
  • Little or no damage to your concrete.
  • Guarantee against future leakage.
  • Roots cannot ever penetrate the new line.
  • No big trench running through the middle of your yard!